Embroidery Rates


Our best possible rates are friendly with all categorical Service Providers, Home Based Companies & Big Industrialists. It is our best possible rates which are based on stitches means any design whatever if it is using on Left ChestFull Jacket back & on Undergarments or for other production items we will digitize for you according our much distributed packages according to stitches.


First Design upto 5000 Stitches $ FREE !
Left Chest Design
$ 10
Cap Design
$ 10
Jacket Back Design
$ 20
Complicated Jacket Back $ 45

Will I Be Charged In My First Free Order? 
We are offering First Design Free.

Note: When your design is done so you are charge according above rates & you are able to check your design via our Plotter (PDF File & Jpeg Image) so then pay us & get Production Files as your required extension. 

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