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Monday, 23 April 2012

Quality of Our Digitizers

A few weeks ago we received an urgent message from a customer looking to digitize some patches for an event at the University happening just days away. After initially ordering them through an online competitor, our customer was shocked to find the quality of the other company’s after punching patches to be below the high standards set by the university. The biggest and most obvious issue, however, was that the school’s official purple color ended up a much different shade of blue!

We’ve done plenty of work with their logo. We digitized this order through our experienced digitizers and the design of the patch were ready to go with plenty of time for the event. As a big online digitizing service company, its orders like this that remind us how much quality and service matter for everything we produce.

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Our Digitized Design Sewout

Sometime ago we received a picture for Baltimore Team Icon from an local company who screen printing on T-shirts & sewout orders from his customers of uniforms, undergarments and other garments. When we digitize this picture the vendor is shocked after punching of our digitized logo because our digitized stitches are much better according to the shape of design which is also showing in above picture. When he saw our result then he send us the comparison to show off the result of his past online digitizer. After this order he giving us various orders for undergarments digitizing & Vector orders till now.

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